Solar Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

$119.99 (as of March 17, 2018, 3:09 pm) $79.99

This stylish bamboo speaker is a very sustainable choice for your music.  No power outlet? No problem. This portable Bluetooth speaker is charged by the sun, so you’ll play and listen all day long. The solar feature is the best part and being able to charge electronics through the USB is a great feature.



This solar bluetooth speaker is the most sustainable choice for your music and our most popular product. Take the bluetooth speaker with you anywhere and anytime with the flexibility of a solar speaker. No power outlet? No problem. This portable bluetooth speaker is charged by the sun, so You’ll play and listen all day long. Reveal has developed the only bamboo solar-powered bluetooth speaker on the market! The sustainability and durability of the natural bamboo and solar panels creates an elegant speaker that delights the listener and the observer. Many users report being able to rely mostly on solar power if the solar bluetooth speaker is consistently placed outdoors, in the sun or indoors on the window sill. Charge the bluetooth speaker with the sun whenever available. Save energy and enjoy the freedom of being wireless. When there is not any sun available, charge traditionally through a USB cable. The 8 hour battery life allows you to play music all night or on a rainy day. An internal lithium ion battery stores up charge to use when the sun is not available, so come sunshine or starshine your solar speaker delivers the same quality. Probably the most biggest benefits is the speaker doubles as a portable charger to charge smartphones, tablets and other devices. Simply plug your device into the side of the speaker and it’ll charge your phone even as playing music. With a 1 year warranty, You’ll listen with peace of mind. In addition, Reveal plants a tree in an endangered forest for every portable solar bluetooth speaker sold. We’ve planted about 90,000 trees and counting. SOLAR BLUETOOTH SPEAKER SPECIFICATIONS: Speaker output power: 4Ω 3.3W + 3.3W Audio Output: Wireless or Line-In Power Source: Option : 4400mAh Battery Life: 8 hours Frequency Response: 130HZ – 20KHZ Signal to Noise: ≥ 80 db Distortion: ≤ 1%

Take a look at all the cool features of our amazing eco conscious speaker:
BLUETOOTH/WIRELESS- Pairing is simple, so You’ll be set up and synced in no time. Whether your device operates on an iOS, Android, Mac, PC or Windows 10 platform, the Reveal bluetooth speaker is compatible with it. You don’t need internet connection, wifi, or a bunch of old chords. Simply hook it up to your bluetooth, turn on your favorite music, and let the music carry you to your next adventure.
SOLAR POWERED- The wonderful thing about the sun can charge your solar bluetooth speaker. Leave it in a window sill or use it outside without worrying about it losing battery. When no sun is available, You’ll charge it the traditional way the usage of a USB cable. An eight hour battery life makes this speaker go all day for you. You’ll be environmentally conscious with this amazing speaker.
SOUND QUALITY AND BEAUTY- One of the crucial valuable features of this device is that this solar speaker has beautiful sound quality without sacrificing its sleek look. The eco-friendly bamboo design gives your speaker a timeless look for both men and women. You’re going to be amazed at the quality of sound that comes out of such a small, portable device.
PORTABLE CHARGING STATION- This bluetooth bamboo speaker doubles as a charger for your iPhone, tablet, smartphone. This way your devices can be charged even as enjoying sweet music with amazing sound quality. Carry this lightweight, wireless, device with you outdoors and catch a few rays of sun out in nature. Don’t let lack of electricity or cumbersome chords keep you from listening to your tunes.

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