Under NY Sky Split-Leg Apron – Traditional Denim with Leather Trim

$79.99 (as of March 17, 2018, 3:15 pm) $44.18

Whoever that enjoys spending time in the kitchen will appreciate having a pretty and functional apron. This one is so cool that will be part of your kitchen decor when you finish that new recipe.




This collection is made with the best Raw Denim, a fabric that hasn’t been washed, giving you the opportunity to have a product 100% personalized with your own marks and that last longer than the usual denim. This model comes with a smart cross-harness design including two straps to help distribute the weight evenly across the shoulders (not across the neck, like most of other aprons). The straps run through two D-rings around the back of your waist and can be tightened down for a snug fit, at the same time as clasp connections turn the adjustment even more practical. It also has two Loops that can assist you hang whatever you wish to have to keep handy. But the UNYS Aprons are more than comfortable: their visible strong seams add a casual style, and the leather finish matches the vintage look of the clasps giving the aprons an authentic appeal. The result is a stylish lightweight yet strong apron, fully adjustable for any size, offering you the maximum comfort to get the job done in one of the simplest ways.That is what makes Under NY Sky Aprons the true workwear. Doesn’t matter in case you are a homecook, tattoo artist, chef, baker, server, barista, wheel thrower, woodworker, cobbler, potter, sculptor, mechanic, tinker or a weekend barbecue specialist, our aprons are cut to perfection to fit the various bodies and activities. Under NY Sky aprons are handmade with raw denim or “dry denim” – it hasn’t gone through the pre-wash process which means that that, after weeks of wear and washes, some natural markings and bits of character will occur right through each piece leaving your apron with your own marks: even more personal and unique, just like you.
Cross Harness Straps: 50″ Cotton webbing / Details: Beige Real leather / Metals: Vintage brass
Medium size: 27″ Wide x 36″ Tall – Cut from chest to mid-shin with a split-leg
Pockets: 1 upper, 2 big lower
Material: Midweight 7-10 oz Denim
Washing tips: Wash before the usage of for the first time. The first few times you wash your apron, you will have to wash it by itself to avoid the dye bleeding onto your other clothes.

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