Hot Yoga Towel With Anchor Fit Corners

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A yoga towel is made to help you elevate your athletic performance and go a step further. Thanks to its microfiber synthesis, its anti-slip texture, and its anchor fit corners this hot yoga towel will stay flat on your mat during the whole workout session.

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STARTING TODAY: Take Your Yoga Performance To The Next Level With The Premium Hot Yoga Towel By MangoFit!

Do you love how meditating your yoga session is, but you are sick and tired of buying new mats and towels every so often, as the ones you get just fall apart within the first month of use?

Do you hate how slippery and unsafe your yoga towel is?

For Great Performance, You Need Great Equipment: Meet The MangoFit Hot Yoga Towel & Enjoy Your Yoga Practice Like Never Before!

This yoga towel comes in a beautiful green/grey color and can be used by any man or woman.

No matter in case you are an advanced yoga practitioner or an amateur, this non-slip yoga towel is made to enhance your poses without bunching or slipping for a secure and comfortable practice. Even when you get sweaty, this towel will quickly absorb your sweat keeping you dry and fresh till the end of training session.

Not All Yoga Towels Are Created Equal – Invest In Quality & Go For The Best!

•Hygienic Microfiber: The ugly truth is that your yoga mat is a fertile source for bacteria, inflections and even viruses. Use this hygienic towel and shield you body against potent threats.
•Anchor Fit Corners: Attaches securely in your yoga mat without sliding or bunching up, for a secure, comfortable and injury free training session.
•4 Convenient Pockets: Practice with peace of mind knowing that your valuable stuff is secure, close to you.
•Versatile: This lightweight, ergonomically designed yoga and cooling towel is perfect for Pilates, stretching exercises, aerobic, cardio or camping or for the beach

Remember: You Are Backed Up By A Lifetime Guarantee!

Set Your Fitness Goals Higher, Order Today!
Mangofit Yoga Towel Size is: 72″ x 24″ / 183cm x 61cm. If you do have any questions about fitting, just contact us, we can reply within 6 hours or less!
IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE WITH THE BEST HOT YOGA TOWEL: This yoga towel is made to help you elevate your athletic performance and go a step further. Thanks to its microfiber synthesis, its anti slip texture and its anchor fit corners this hot yoga towel will stay flat on your mat throughout the whole workout session; no more distracting repositioning or bunching!
SKIDLESS & ULTRA ABSORBENT YOGA TOWEL: Unlike cheaply made yoga towels or mats, the MangoFit new hot yoga towel is made of 100% microfiber material for extra durability and supreme care for your body. This skidless towel is highly sweat absorbent, ensuring that your hands and feet will remain dry right through your yoga sessions, for even better balance and perfect poses. Note also that this yoga towel is quick drying, allowing you to practice with comfort and safety!
NON SLIP THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: This new yoga towel has a great grip and is long enough to enhance you in any pose your yoga training may include. Note also that it is a high density non slip towel that protects your spine, hips, knees and elbows from the hard floor even as it is ultra soft and plush for your delicate skin. At the side of its 4 handy pockets to keep your belongings close to you, this long yoga towel will be your best friend at the gym!
HYGIENE COMES FIRST: Unlike yoga mats that are bulky and hard to carry around, this towel with four pockets is compact and lightweight, perfect for everyday use. And the best part? No more sweaty, stinky yoga mats; just use this washing machine secure towel alone or on top of your yoga mat (which fits securely to it thanks to the anchor corners of the towel) and shield yourself against the harmful bacteria that grow in your mat.
#1 BEST RATED TOWEL: Being so sure about the great quality and performance of this amazing hot yoga towel, MangoFit offers you a LIFETIME GUARANTEE if you follow our guidelines! What’s more? We offer the #1 best new antimicrobial and hygienic hot Yoga Towel with great grip for non slip and 4 pockets, also great for gym, pilates, camping, and beach! With nothing to worry about, order yours today!

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