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Materials, Rooms / Friday, February 23rd, 2018

In order to recycle all glass containers placed on the market, a circuit composed of seven stages must be completed: consumer, responsible consumer, collection, treatment plant, packaging factory, packer and merchant.

Do you know where the glass that you deposit in the recycling bin ends up? The answer is the treatment plant where they are 100% recycled. We would like to emphasize this point, because everything, absolutely all the glass is usable and does not lose any of its qualities when recycled.

The treatment of glass waste is a mechanical and automated process, carried out by machines, with the help of human labor. The glass that arrives in trucks to the treatment plant, is unloaded and it is transferred to conveyor belts that are in charge of separating the useful material from all kinds of impurities.

The conveyor belts incorporate a magnetic separator that continuously picks up a large part of the ferrous elements. All the material is submitted to the magnetic field of a permanent magnet, in order to remove the metallic materials, such as bottle caps or cans.

The glass pieces then pass through the KSP machines. The operation of these machines is based on the optical detection of the passage of light through the glass fragments. When it detects some opaque body, it launches a jet of compressed air that removes the opaque piece from the glass stream. In this way, a great elimination of impurities not disposed in previous steps is achieved.

Finally, the glass is crushed to a calcin (selected glass, cleaned and ground). The calcin allows to manufacture glass containers exactly the same as the original ones. But recycled glass requires a lower melting temperature than the original raw materials (sand, soda, and limestone) and, therefore, less energy is consumed in the manufacturing process of new containers.

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