Small Kitchen Design Ideas – Decor Inspiration for Tiny Kitchens

Kitchen, Rooms / Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Small kitchen storage ideas

The kitchen has earned the attention of decorators and interior designers from around the world in the past few decades. It has abandoned its service only purpose and has become a kind of temple of creation around which are shared all kinds of memories and experiences.

But more and more people have to live in small apartments, especially if you want to live in the city. This means that all the rooms in the house are smaller than they used to be, making interior designers to look for new solutions for a small space needs. Kitchen design is no exception, so modern small kitchens have gained popularity in recent years.

In small kitchens, it is convenient to use visual tricks to make the room look larger than it really is. On the other hand, you need freedom of movement and free space to cook.

No matter how big your kitchen is, small kitchens can also offer a special charm without losing functionality. If you have little space in your kitchen, do not despair, you can multiply it by using some useful tricks and hacks that will transform it in a highly functional kitchen with a small budget, and in no time.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, even if it’s really small!

Far from what many people may think, small kitchens can be much more beneficial than large kitchens. There is too much space in a large kitchen and it is very difficult to make it look cozy. However, in kitchens with limited space, this is much easier.

Many different activities are carried out at this meeting point for the family, so its design and organization must be ideal and as functional as possible to make sure that all family members use it comfortably.

How to get the most out of small kitchens – with new ideas for 2018 – without losing that feeling of harmony, of being a place where you enjoy cooking and generating a greater sensation of spaciousness. Modern kitchens will always bring functionality to our home and will be much more practical for our day to day.

If you think you need a large kitchen, then you’re wrong!  In this article, we will show you how small kitchens can inspire the best ideas, designs, materials, and distributions to fit your needs. Small kitchens can also be great.

Best Decor Styles for a Small or Tiny Kitchen

The size of your design does not define the styles you can use.

Best Colors for Small Kitchens

A right use of color is essential for small spaces. It’s important to choose them carefully not to saturate the kitchen. The textures are also welcome, use them for the counter or the kitchen floor, it will look great.

Light tones are the best ally when giving life to kitchen coatings, this is because light colors say much more light, making spaces do not look dark and creating a spatial sense of much bigger kitchen. White will bring a feeling of spaciousness, as well as enhancing the brightness of the kitchen.

If the space to be designed has very little or no natural lighting, the neutral and pastel colors are perfect so as not to obscure the work area of the kitchen.

Colors affect the perception and the sensation that the spaces send, so taking care of every detail in terms of the kitchen tones is essential to guarantee a pleasant atmosphere.

Mixing black and white is perfect for small kitchens since white color works perfectly to create visual harmony and increase the space with its presence, while black color can be used in decorative details and appliances. Add a touch of texture with mosaics or ceramics with motifs to make it more fun.

Simple kitchens and Small dimensions.

Achieving a stunning result is very simple if done in the right way. For a stunning kitchen, play with colors or contrasting materials between the countertop and the cupboards.

We must think smart when distributing all the elements in the space that our kitchen will occupy. If we do it well, we will get a modern and functional kitchen that meets the basic requirements with no problems.

How to design  a really functional small kitchen

Having everything at hand is essential to speed up the activities in the kitchen. Start by placing the refrigerator, followed by the sink area, then the working area and finally the stove and appliances that you will use for cooking.

Small Kitchen Lightning Tips

Commit to saving. And that means choosing LEDs. Its energy consumption is very low – it can be up to 90% less than a traditional bulb – and its life is very long – up to 50,000 hours, almost ten times more than an incandescent one.

Small kitchen layout ideas

Regardless of size, a well-designed kitchen can always seek to integrate more spaces and functions.

The comfort of a kitchen is based on all its spaces and workstations having a comfortable distribution and everything having its own storing place.

Lightning for a small kitchen

The ideal lighting of a kitchen is the result of combining natural light with artificial light. If your kitchen has natural light, take advantage of it, planning a distribution that does not hinder or cover the windows.

A kitchen can be designed in any corner of the house as long as the minimum measures established for each workstation is used. Lighting and color choice is the key to achieving a well lit and light kitchen.

Maximum organization in a small kitchen space

Simple and well-organized. This is how a space-limited kitchen should look:  room enough to keep everything in place, with accessible and custom-made storage spaces. Shelves are a great option to create storage space without visually overloading the space, as well as they can act as decorative elements. They are perfect for small spaces as they adapt to any corner and can be designed to fit.

How to organize a small kitchen

When it comes to storage, many small kitchen designs tend to fall short. The most important thing is locating spaces to keep all the kitchen tools of daily use in order and easy to find. And although you do not think it is possible, a kitchen of just 3 elements can accommodate a variety of drawers, shelves, and cupboards.

In a small environment is always a great idea to use vertical spaces. From the classic wooden shelves to the hangers that allow putting pots or pans. This trick will help you declutter your kitchen from those things that tend to be all over the place.

Modern Kitchen Design,the kitchen in the 21st Century

Following the development of the previous 20th century, the kitchen is now being renovated with different surface materials, many times used for the first time in the kitchen. Aluminum, steel, and linoleum are a few examples of materials used on vertical surfaces. Even in medium-sized kitchens, more and more elegant countertops are being installed in kitchens (eg countertops made of natural stone or stainless steel). Industrially manufactured mass products, especially in the high-priced sector, are giving way to more and more custom-made solutions.

In the field of ergonomic kitchen development, kitchens can be adjusted in height with adjustable substructures, so regardless of age, body size or physical constitution, as many people as possible can cook dignified and independently throughout their lives.