10 Awesome DIY Macrame Tutorials on Youtube for absolute beginners

Free Tutorials / Tuesday, January 30th, 2018


What exactly is Macrame?

Macrame is the art of making decorative knots. Macramé is a is a word of French origin that means knot, and that comes from the Turkish word makrama. This has its origin in the Persian word mikrama, with the same meaning.

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This video is for beginners who want to learn macrame art basic.

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“I’m a fiber and textile-loving Ginger living in Washington State. I love to create and inspire. This is my crafting journey. Thank you for visiting!”

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A Brief History of Macrame

Macramé is a technique that was born with human civilization, in primitive times the first garments were knotted. This simple act goes back to the use of hands as a first tool. It emerges as a natural evolution of the basic knots to compose decorative works of greater fantasy. It had its origin in the East, the peoples of Mesopotamia used it with great skill (Persians and Assyrians), especially in the Arabs who acquired greater development and artistic skill of the Macramé in the eighth century. In ancient Turkey, the weavers used to adorn the edges of the towels with strips of knotted fringes. Later, the Arabs took it to Europe, and later the Europeans took it to America, where the Caribbean people used it to make their typical knot hammocks.

We owe the nowadays macrame techniques to the British sailors who were responsible for making beautiful crafts such as belts, hammocks and bottle covers, to use on their long trips. Then they began making exotic items that they used for trading all around the world.

Macramé was most popular in the Victorian era. Sylvia’s Book of Macramé Lace (1882), a favorite, showed readers how “to work rich trimmings for black and colored costumes, both for home wear, garden parties, seaside ramblings, and balls—fairylike adornments for household and underlinens …” Most Victorian homes were adorned with this craft. Macramé was used to make household items such as tablecloths, bedspreads, and curtains

Every groovy apartment in the 1970s had its fair share of hanging art called ‘Macrame,’ which was handcrafted and lovingly hung as, sometimes, functional home decor.

After a short decline in popularity, Macramé has experienced a come back in recent decades. Macrame is a 2018 decor trend and a perfect craft project to do at home. Macrame is a trendy craft in 2018 for many reasons. Not only are macrame textiles and products stylish and durable, they are relatively easy to make once you have the right macrame equipment and supplies along with a bit of training.

Basic Macrame knots

The basic macramé has numerous knots, creating rows or braids to decorate fabrics, pots, lamps, wall hangings and curtains. The primary knots of Macramé are the square knot (a variant of the reef knot) and forms of “hitching”: various combinations of half hitches. It was long crafted by sailors, especially in elaborate or ornamental knotting forms, to decorate anything from knife handles to bottles to parts of ships.

The materials needed to make a work of macramé are the yarn to be knitted (be it cotton, jute, linen, silk or other natural fibers) and a surface on which our fabric can be fastened. Any thread of strong consistency is suitable for macrame work, however, the choice of it is determined by the work to be done. The most commonly used yarns are usually cotton or silk. Regarding the materials needed to hold the yarns will depend on the type of work to be done.

There are so many beautiful macramé wall hangings on Pinterest boards that you probably want to make them all! However, before tackling a complicated pattern, you need to get your feet wet with a beginner macramé design. These tutorials are s an easy one for beginners, and they look awesome, right?

List of Macrame basic supplies:

  • Mounting cords
  • Rings to hold the mounting cords
  • Macrame board or project board
  • Pins, such as T-pins
  • Scissors
  • A measuring tape
  • Beads(optional depends on type of project)
  • Cording
  • Embroidery needle
  • Crochet hook


Start your first Macrame wall hanging from scratch

Macrame is easier than it looks.  Making your first DIY macramé project hanger  may seem daunting at first, but once you’ve learned the basics, it’s actually quite easy!  However, before tackling a complicated pattern, this short video tutorials will show you how to make  basic macrame knots.