Baking Basic Equipment. What to buy to start baking from scratch.

Buyer's Guide / Monday, January 15th, 2018


What to buy to start baking? Whether this is the first time you bake or you have found a baking recipe online and it looks so delicious that this time you feel ready to start baking, this is the list you are looking for. But, what do I need to bake? The first time that this happened to me I spent hours researching about baking tools and gear…everything was foreign to me! This a list of the basic equipment for baking that any beginner recipe will mention. Start the oven! We’re going to discover what do you need to buy to start baking from scratch.

Baking gear step by step

In addition to the ingredients, there are some basic pastry tools that will help us get some perfect and wonderful baked goods. As you progress in your baking journey, you will need new utensils and you will have to buy them little by little. But for now, we will talk about the most elementary to start baking at home.

As a general rule, always think that it is important to invest in good tools and utensils, as they are a direct influence on the final quality. Also, keep in mind that a good tool is always a good investment: if you buy quality good quality tools and take proper care of them they can last a lifetime.


A Scale for Baking

It is a basic in our kitchen, and not just for baking. A precision scale will be very useful when weighing the ingredients. The best choice is getting a good digital scale, it will help you measure the ingredients with much more precision than a traditional one. When you buy it, also check that it can measure in different units: grams, liters, ounces, cups: it will make your life easier

Measuring jug

They are very useful when measuring liquids: milk, water, oil … We can get a professional one (there are even digital scales integrated with the handle) or even use the glass of the blenders arm, which also It usually includes the measure marks in. Some jars also help us measure basic ingredients such as flour, sugar or rice, although if they do not have the digital scale in the handle, they are not very accurate.

Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons

A basic tool to follow any recipe with accuracy.


Mixing Bowls

We will need a set of different sizes of bowls to mix the ingredients an create dough. There are bowls made of many different materials: plastic, wood, porcelain and ceramics, stainless steel …


There are many types of mixers, but basically, there are 2 types: stand mixer and hand mixer. Among the stand mixers, we can find many models for all budgets. I recommend you to get a Kitchen Aid. Although its price is higher than other machines, I promise you that its power and durability are worth it. It is the best investment in baking tools, this is a machine that will last you a lifetime.


Most dry confectionery ingredients have to go through a sifting process. To do so, there are several options. We can do it using a classic sifter, or we can use a very fine sieve and pass the ingredients through your network with the help of a spoon or spatula.


A good silicone spatula will always help us in the kitchen, not only to make our pastry. Use it to help you pour the ingredients, to finish mixing them manually, to get that dough stuck on the sides of the mixing bowl … This is one of those tools that you love when you start using it. Invest in a good spatula and you will see how useful this tool is.


Rolling Pin

A good rolling pin is essential if you want to work any cookie dough, puff pastry, bread … everything that needs stretching. There are rolls of multiple materials, such as wood, ceramic, marble, stainless steel … To start, you can get a good wooden roller, and later, as you make more elaborate sweets, acquire other rollers that you need.


Sometimes dough needs to be cut in a certain shape (cookies! ) . This is easily done with a set of pastry cutters. There are plastic, copper and stainless steel pastry cutters, among others. The most recommended are stainless steel because they allow a better cut. To keep them as new for a long time, clean them with a damp cloth and dry them well before storing them.


Baking Sheets

It has many uses, from putting it under a bun when baking to avoid sticking, to put it in the molds of biscuits to help unmold. Available at any supermarket, and it’s really useful in the kitchen. They are paper or silicone made.

Baking Pans and Molds

To bake your biscuits and cakes, you will need molds. Depending on what you want to bake in them, they can be ceramic, made of aluminum or silicone. Our advice for starters is to get a pair of smooth round molds of different sizes, and a loaf pan. If you are going to make cupcakes, there are also aluminum or silicone molds for this purpose.

Baking Tray

To bake cookies, a good idea is to use a baking tray. There are special trays (non-stick and with a special design to improve baking and air circulation) on which you can place your candy directly. In case you do not have one, you can also use the tray of your oven and cover it with baking paper, to avoid sticking candy.

Cooling Rack

Many times we have to let the baking cool or rest when we take them out of the oven. To avoid placing them directly on the countertop (which could damage it) and to improve cooling by air circulation, we can use a cooling rack to let our sweets cool. If you do not have one, you can also get away with the oven rack. But you will see that it is a very cheap investment and very useful in the kitchen.



A good spatula will help us enormously in the kitchen and baking.

Pastry Bag

And of course, the pastry classic: a good pastry bag. To distribute creams and fillings, or to decorate any cake. A sleeve accompanied by good nozzles cannot be missed in your repertoire. There are disposable plastic and fabric sleeves. Complemented with an adapter and quality nozzles, you will have the best pastry accessory that can exist.

Silicone Brush

Handy to cover the baked goods with egg or syrup. It helps you apply any liquid or creamy ingredient.

These basic utensils are probably already in your kitchen. If you are still a beginner, we recommend you make a small investment to get all these tools and tools of good quality , which will help you to make baking and many other dishes for the rest of your life.